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Agua Loca presentation at
AGUA LOCA would like to thank Lufthansa for their support. Without this support the concerts outside Germany would not have been possible.
NTT Communications / NTT Europe Online
Our Web site is powered by NTT Europe Online.
Thanks to our record company various songs from our records are included in quite a lot of compilations records published inside and outside Europe together with well known artists.
RL Promotion Medienservice / Media Consulting, Songs Musikverlag
Thanks to our co-publisher and promotion company who do all the work to visit the radio stations and related promotion activities.
Rough Trade
Our records are under distribution of Rough Trade.
Salsa Stuttgart
*The* Salsa homepage for the Stuttgart area
Thomas Cook Airlines - powered by Condor
The company Thomas Cook Airlines has selected our single Gambajillo as the Condor Summer Hit 1996.
AGUA LOCA's fine club sound equipment is from JBL Soundsystems
Oase Percussion Project
Our friend percussionist Inga Rincke runs a percussion project comprising several ensembles and classes. Norbert Schubert, our "Congista", is also affiliated with this project.
Nobert Schubert - Conga & Percussion
Our "Congista" Norbert"iño" Schubert also teaches and runs several percussion projects in the area of Tübingen. If you come from this area and want to learn or improve your Conga playing, check out his web pages.
Norbert Schubert -
Conga & Percussion
Our keyboarder Uli Frank forms with Walter Negele and Jürgen Schneider the band "LATE MUSIC".
But Stones
Rolling Stones covered at the best.
Peter Schick and Hucky Müller play also in the band 'Soulshapes' which presents the Sound of the Rockin' Sixties.
Mr. Ryno (our former singer) appears also under this name. Have a look!
Studio Box
Provide for musicians playing loud instruments well isolated Acoustic Cabins. No more problems with your neighbors while practising is guaranteed.
Map 24
All information concerning route planning to our gigs is derived from the Map24 service.
All information concerning public transport is derived from the EFA (Elektronische Fahrplanauskunft) service.
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