Paradise Lounge
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Album Information
With:Sphere, Dubdiver, Jonas Lores, Lisa, Schwarz And Funk, Jazzamor, Jose Delgado, Y.G., Floor, Moca, Deep Chill, Simon Morel, Brazilian Love Affair Project, P & V Guitarra, Lenny Mac Dowell, Louie Louie, Bossasonic, Floor, DJ Roger Vega, D. Project, Feel Good, Snach, The Flyhigh Project, 2 Way system, Alex Latino, Roby, Alteria, Suspended, F.D. Sound, Ricardo Acossa, F.Q.P., Elkeland, Alien Caf?, Bloomfield, Jp-Juice, Ohm-G, Desney Bailey, Barriere, Christoph Spendel, Praful, Love City Orchestra, Dr Drummer, Benirras, Volo, Gavazzi, Modern Lounge Hereos
Label:Bittersweets Recordings

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